They Look Like People

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They Look Like PeopleThey Look Like People

They Look Like People Two close friends drift apart for several years. After his fiancee dumps him, Wyatt comes to believe that demons are infiltrating humanity. Christian, who works at a marketing agency, has attempted to counter his insecurity with bodybuilding and aggressive machismo. They reunite when Wyatt visits New York City, and Christian excitedly invites Wyatt to stay at his house. Wyatt accepts but says he is only in the city for a few days. When Christian remembers he has a date that evening with his supervisor, Mara, he invites Wyatt along and quickly asks Mara to make it a double date. The two friends bond with each other as they prepare for the night out, and Christian tells himself to be assertive.

As the men leave, Mara phones Christian to tell him that her friend Sandy, whom she has brought along, has injured herself in a fall. After examining her, Wyatt recommends they take Sandy to a hospital. The three wait many hours for Sandy’s release, and Mara gratefully thanks Christian for staying. After staring at each other briefly, Christian and Mara end the awkward moment by mean-spiritedly teasing each other. That night, Wyatt reassures Christian that Mara is probably still interested in him despite the ending. After Christian falls asleep, Wyatt receives an anonymous phone call that instructs him to leave the city and prepare for the demonic invasion.

As Mara and Christian continue seeing each other, subsequent phone calls alert Wyatt to signs of the apocalypse and reveal the caller as Mara. Wyatt briefly speaks to a psychiatrist and admits to fearing that he is experiencing psychosis, but Wyatt leaves once he becomes convinced the psychiatrist is possessed by demons. After Christian leaves for work, Wyatt stockpiles weapons in Christian’s cellar and alternately contemplates both suicide and murder of passerby he believes to be possessed. Due to his newfound assertive attitude, Christian believes himself to be in line for a raise. However, Mara tells him that he has been fired. A note on his computer, signed by his coworkers, accuses him of being an asshole.

When Christian returns home, Wyatt says he must speak to him about something. Before they can talk, Mara visits Christian. Though Christian angrily dismisses her initially, he apologizes and invites her in. After chatting with each other, Christian leaves to get food. Wyatt invites Mara to explore the house, and, after showing her his weapons stash, confuses her by asking for further information on the demonic invasion. When she realizes he is serious, Mara flees the house. Christian is disappointed that she has left. This turns into concern for Wyatt when he becomes highly agitated and rants about the coming demonic invasion. Christian eventually calms Wyatt and sets up an appointment with a psychiatrist, revealing that he had previously attempted suicide and sought help.

Wyatt accosts Mara, attempting to apologize, and she gives him a bloody nose when she panics. Feeling sorry for Wyatt, she helps bandage him. Wyatt is horrified to see her transform into a demon and runs away. Wyatt finds Christian as he is about to sign up to join the Army to finally conquer his insecurities. Wyatt instead convinces him to leave the city and prepare for the coming apocalypse, as long as Wyatt will attend his psychiatric appointment. When Wyatt sees omens of the apocalypse, he abandons this plan and insists they barricade the basement. To show his trust in Wyatt, Christian allows himself to be bound and gagged in case he is possessed. On the hour of the apocalypse, Wyatt becomes convinced Christian is possessed. Wyatt considers killing Christian as he sees him transform, but ultimately realizes that he is hallucinating, sees that his friend truly is human, and frees him of his bonds. The two embrace, and Christian remarks that he has finally conquered his insecurities by facing death.