Fourth Man Out

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Fourth Man OutFourth Man Out

Fourth Man Out Adam is a mechanic who lives and works in a small town in upstate New York , spending leisure time with his best friends, Chris , Nick and Ortuño , including beers , Playstation and hockey. On the occasion of his 24th birthday , Adam decides to leave revealing his homosexuality to his family and friends . The disclosure may endanger the balance with three friends , but after an initial awkwardness, Chris , Nick Ortuño and decide to help Adam to find love. 4th night is also known as the fourth man out , it is a 2015 film directed by Andrew Nackman . The film is played by Evan Todd , Parker Young , Chord Overstreet and Jon Gabrus .

Cuarto hombre fuera
4º out.jpg hombre

Una escena de la película

título original Cuarto hombre fuera
lengua original Inglés
País de producción EE.UU.
año 2015
duración 86 min
color color
audio sonoro
especie el drama , comedia
dirección Andrew Nackman
guión Aaron Dancik
productor Lauren Avinoam, Jed Mellick, Lauren Hogarth
productor ejecutivo David LaHorgue
productora Tait Producciones
Moving Pictures
fotografía Damian Horan
montaje Michael P. Shawver
música Herman Beeftink
escenografía María Dirolf
Intérpretes y personajes