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    Welcome to the website of Kunshan Cjtooling Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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    Professional fixture design and manufacturing

    CNC machining, automation parts, stainless steel parts

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    Ingenious,Extraordinary achievementsUnique ingenuity and remarkable achievements

    Created by Cgtooling, born for high quality

    • Independent production of high-quality automation mold, to ensure customer quality and delivery
    • High-precision testing and a variety of sophisticated inspection equipment ensure product quality from production control.
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    Ingenuity, decades of experience

    • From the source of product design to give customers the advice of professional knowledge, help customers develop products, solve problems for customers.
    • Product detailed production and documentation summary report.
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    Customer protection, achieving 1-to-1 service

    • The customer service department keeps track of the service 24 hours a day, responds to customer needs in a timely manner, and is highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.
    • Achieve equipment 1 to 1, providing comprehensive protection for customers' products.
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    Copper processing has become more common in everyday life. Due to the different industries required, the shape requirements are different, and some are still irregular, so customization is…